In August the Jet Set Crowd Descends Upon the Hamptons

Long Island’s North shore beaches with fluffy white sand are world renown. The Hamptons are a summer staple to Manhattanites and jet setters alike. When August rolls around the jet set crown shifts their attention from the southern coastline of Europe to the stately grace and more laid back experience of the Hamptons.

Perhaps it is the American relaxed attitude after 3 months of all night parties or the fact that “The Hamptons” has no big hotels and limited B&B’s requiring home ownership that makes this the hot spot the second half in August. The Hamptons is a more sedate, kicked back, family friendly environment then most any of the other locations on the Jet Set circuit. The days are spent at the beach. Lunch an out door grilled fish that was swimming the Montauk coat just hours before, accompanied by the jumbo sized vegetables that grow on the island. The giant Hampton’s tomatoes and the all American grilled sweet corn on the cob are specialties of Long Island, lure fans the world over. After a bottle of wine for lunch and a lazy nap in the hammock it is time to spruce up in sundress and hat and stand on your tip toes so your high heels don’t sink into the earth and watch the polo match sipping champagne and mingling with friends. On cloudy days the quant shops of East Hampton fill, often there is an impromptu Jacuzzi party or a movie screening at an in home theater at someone’s estate and then the gentle push and tug of an in home masseuse before dinner.

The Hamptons is made of a series of little towns in a row each having its own distinct personality. Old and New money mingle. Artists flock to the Hamptons because of the pastel lighting reminiscent of the south of France. Locals that spend 9 months of the year in solitude swing into gear to host the huge influx of summer residence. Many locals make their years income over the course of the summer. The magnificent beauty of the beaches and spectacular mansions are found in magazines the world over. This is surprisingly just about two hours (with no traffic) by car, 40 minutes by helicopter, and 25 by private plane from New York City. The area offers a plethora of outdoor activity from kayaking, golf and tennis, swimming, volleyball, etc. The sporting activity, healthy eating, laid back atmosphere, natural beauty, and amazing luxuries all create a temporary paradise.

The Hamptons season is a steady flow of charity events at spectacular homes like Ron Pearlman, Stephen Spielberg, Denise Rich or one of the annual summer fetes of the many celebrities that make the Hamptons their summer retreat. It is not uncommon to be in a small shop standing next to a media mogul, business giant, world renowned musician. There are not many paparazzi; perhaps there are just too many socialites for them to know where to point the camera. If Norman Rockwell painted the rich it would be set in the Hamptons. The Hamptons is an incredible list of “Who’s Who” from all over the world gathered together, not to walk down a red carpet in long gowns but instead with their feet propped up on a table, their kids screeching in delight catch fireflies and their wet golden retriever, that just cooled of in their pool, begging to have someone toss a tennis ball. After all, the super rich are just people too.